A Group Blog for the IAMPETH Annual Convention 2006
July 10-15 - Naperville, Illinois

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Greetings fellow scribes!
I'm finally up to speed with things here in nyc. Just wanted to say it was a great experience and am looking forward to the next meeting. Also wanted to really thank all the members for making themselves so accessible to a "newbie". I'm really looking forward to developing the things I learned and hopefully will be able to show something soon. JEAN-O-MATIC 3000 ROCKS!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our Fearless Leader at the Banquet :o)

President Karen Brooks provides entertainment at the Banquet

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Posts about your experience at IAMPETH 2006


I would ask attendees of the 2006 Convention to post their thoughts on the convention 'directly' to the OP Group as well as other calligraphy groups. Of course post them to the Blog too. However, some folks may not be checking the blogs.


Joe Vitolo

IAMPETH - Chicago 2006

IAMPETH - Chicago 2006

I just returned to Memphis from my first IAMPETH convention.
Without exception, everyone I met was warm, welcoming and supportive to us "first-timers".
The instructors were so inspiring and there are not enough superlatives to describe this experience.
Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this such a wonderful conference! See you all in
Kansas City next year! Laurie


Friday began with Tim Botts. Tim took us through the whole process of design of the quote, color, etc.


Tim uses the Dukane camera to do it work
for all too see!


The fans line up for Tim.

And, we couldn't go to Twinnrocker paper company. So...they came to us!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thursday evening

Thursday evening we enjoyed a trip to Artful Gatherings which is (Jim Chin's studio). We were treated to a lovely reception to coincide with the local guild's show opening. Thanks Jim!!


A soothing and comfortable place!

Annieeeeeeee Cheney is "Best Dressed" wearing her shirt of many letters (a work in progress). Hi Annieeeee!

Thursday - Illumination

Thursday, we had the special treat of working with Valerie Weilmuenster all day long. Her program was on illumination and painting the white vine. (Love it!!!!)


Lucile Grassi and her beautiful class work.

Left to right - Janie Cravens and her daughters Maggie & Jennifer....it's a family thang!

Valerie shows how to mix our pallets.

While some great minds gather in the back of the room and prepare to show the St. John's Bible DVD for us.

Heather Held tools her gold work.

Thursday photos

Hi Everybody,

Well, after less than 2 hours of sleep last night, I had to catch my cab to the airport and fly home (Saturay morning). I am SO exhausted! I am badly in need of a long, relaxing vacation, and I will get that when I leave tomorrow to go camping for 2 weeks. So I will be out of the loop for awhile.

However.....no matter how tired I am, I can't leave things unfinished. So, the next few posts will be the rest of my reports of the IAMPETH Convention, 2006. So, here goes......

Photo - Thursday evening - a toast to all who couldn't join us.


sat am

It's been a great week. I enjoyed catching up with old friends and have met many new penpals. It is hard to find everyone and say goodbye. So a big cyber-hug to those I missed. We forgot to practice our everyday handwriting (the H in IAMPETH), so I hope we do that in Kansas City. Happy Trails, Jean Wilson

Friday, July 14, 2006

Great Pictures and postings

Kathy and Nan,

I want to thank you for sharing your adventures at the Convention! I can not believe it is Friday and the Convention is coming to an end. Reading your messages and viewing the photos and videos have been really wonderful and allowed us to share in some of the many events at the convention. Thank you for sharing, it was really wonderful of you both to take the time to take the pictures, videos and posting everything.

GREAT JOB and I know that I truly appreciate your sharing!

Bill Kemp

pieces of work

Hi Everyone,

It's been SO busy, I haven't had a chance to post lately. Last night the round robins were a great success and went far into the night. Thursday was a very busy day of illumination and painting white vine with Valerie Weilmuenster. Thursday evening we enjoyed a trip to Jim Chin's studio and gallery, "Artful Gatherings", where they hosted a lovely reception and calligraphy exhibit. I took photos all day, but will have to send them tomorrow, (It's 2:45am right now). But, you've all been asking to see pieces of work. So, here are a few for your enjoyment.


Work of Valerie Weilmuenster

Work of Mike Sull

Work of Kathy Milici

Work of Tara Brooks

Work of LaVerne Sherrets

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday---What a day!!!

Valerie Weilmuenster spent a whole day taking us patiently through all the steps to preparing and painting "White Vine" illuminated letters. First painting and then tooling the gold letter, we proceeded to paint the background around the vines---leaving them white. Hence the name. In the afternoon we painted a 'stained glass' letter and another with trailing vines which we painted and learned how to shade. Here's what I accomplished.

Later, after dinner, Jim and Alice Chin invited us to Art Ful Gatherings...their studio/store. What a wonderful place---just filled with displays from local artists---photographers, painters, sculpters...and calligraphers. A feast for the eyes. There is a great space for classes and they offer a full schedule of terrific crafts to learn an explore.

Thanks for inviting all of us...we will be dreaming of all we saw and did today. Tomorrow: Tim Botts and, sadly, our closing banquet. what a week!!!

(i am sure there are more pictures coming...many had their cameras)

Round Robins

Another picture....the "Jean-O-Matic 3000" in action!

Hey you guys!!! Its Angela from the deep south!

Just wanted you guys to know, I MISS YOU ALL so very much and hope you are having the time of your life with your pens. I am addressing 300 wedding invitations at the moment and am at least with you "in pen".
I am so enjoying the blog. Thanks so much to Nan and James for putting this together......... now all of us can enjoy the convention no matter where we are!
Have a great time and know I am thinking of you all!

Video - Getting ready for Mike Sull's Spencerian class

Couple of samples from Gerald Moscato's engraving demo

Video - Mike Sull tries his hand at engraving

Wed night---Round Robins #1

Here are few pics...Gerald Moscato engraving, Karen Brooks with Parchment Craft, Jim Chin and his collection of folded pens---and Mike Sull trying out engraving tool on test beer bottle!!! No end to his talent, apparently!!!

More coming...cannot be late for class in Illumination techniques this morning....nan

Round Robins

Round Robins

Round Robins

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hey Nan! When do we get some videos?? :o)

Hi to everyone and miss you....looks like a great convention!

Jeri Hobart
Iowa City

Keep those cards and letters coming!!!

James in Dallas
wishing I were in Naperville!!

Okay, last one

Last post from me for today.

Okay John DeCollibus, you wanted to see your shirt design. I skipped dinner to post photos for everyone and there was no one left around wearing your shirt. So....I did it myself! Trust me, the "IAMPETH 2006" at the bottom really isn't backwards. I had to take the photo in the mirror. Ha! Oh well, I got the job done, right??

You should be here with us. I'm smiling, but we all miss you!


Wednesday continued

In the afternoon we had a chance to look at the work on display ......
(Ned Gault from California with Yumi Tanaka from Japan & Vivian Mungall from Kansas City)

Catch up with dear friends.....
(Joe Vitolo & Kathy Saunders.....yeah....that would be me!!)

Mike Sull taught us his graceful Flourished Spencerian & Embelishments.

And Vivian Mungall Showed us how to draw Versals.


Hi Everyone. I hope you're not too sick of hearing from me yet! I'm going to tell you about today and post of bunch of pics in the next few messages. Then I'll hand off the camera cord to Nan so she can play with some video clips for you. So, here we go.

Wednesday began with a choice of 2 workshops....Bob Hurford - Spencerian Script, or Gwen Weaver - Beautiful Baby (Romans & Foundational). Photos here.


Bob Hurford demonstrates his Spencerain Script under the Dukane Camera.

And the image is projected for all to see.

Gwen Weaver and her Beautiful Babies.

Jenny Muffler Works on her project in Gwen's class.

Ruth Henderson practices her Spencerian in Bob's class.

Big Thanks to Nan DeLuca

Sure, I've been playing with it and tweaking it out, but Nan DeLuca is the one that found Blogger.com and initially set up the blog. So a great big Thanks to Nan!!

By the way - to you guys doing the posting we've gotten some real nice "thank you's" in Cyberscribes and the OP group. Folks are really enjoying the blog.

Keep those cards and letters coming! :o)

James in Dallas

Thanks for sharing!

I have been sitting here in my studio pouting because I can not be there in Chicago with all of you. It is SO wonderful that James put this blog together so that in some small way all of those who are stuck working can share in the fun. A big thanks to James. And thanks to all of you who are sharing the fun times and for the pictures. Its really delightful to see. Have a drink for all of us, and lets see some samples!

Harvest Crittenden

Great stuff, keep it coming

The posts are really wonderful. What would be even better is to see works of the people, and instructors, in the different classes. To see what they are learning and to make us wish, even more, that we were there instead of viewing this from the computer. But this Blog is really a great additional to the convention, Thanks Jim!

Bill Kemp, Albuquerque, NM

Awesome photos!

Those are great pics Kathy. Those Lester Fields letters are incredible. Tell Nan to shoot some video for us :o)

Thanks for posting!

Tuesday night


Everyone here had a full day of learning and sharing! They've all gone to bed and left me, so I will post a couple more photos, for those of you joining us by way of this blog.

This evening Bob Hurford (Journal Editor) taught a class in Engrossers Script. I was upstairs in the Hospitality Suite so that members could come in and enjoy the many rare books and priceless pieces of art we have here on display. Below are some shots of the illuminated pieces from the Lester Fields collection. Breath taking!!!!!

who has to be up and at 'em in less than 5 hours!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday photos

Hi everyone,

Attached are photos from the tuesday workshops I told you about this morning.


Workshop room, Tuesday Morning.

Joe Vitolo & Rick Muffler setting out illuminated pieces for display.

Mike Kecseg teaches pointed pen variations. Presenters work with their regular tools under our Dukane Cameras, which project the image onto the big screen. There isn't a bad seat in the house!

View from back of room.

Marian Gault teaches Foundational in the 2nd work room.